Boat Winterization Service

Protect your boat from freezing temperatures this winter.

Our On-Site Boat Winterization Service Offers Boat Owners a Sense of Security

save money

Save Money on Potential Weather-Related Damages like Cracked Engine Blocks

protect your boat

Full Boat Inspection Included to Ensure your Boat is Well Maintained 

stay safe from freezing temperature's

Two Package Options Offered to Help Protect your Motor from Freezing Temperatures

In North Carolina and Tennessee, you should have your boat winterized by November at the latest. In November, we begin to see temperatures drop below freezing, so you want to ensure your boat is prepared.

Book as soon as possible to secure your spot for October and November, spaces are limited.

Mobile Boat Winterization Service Package Options

All of our boat winterizations are done on-site at the most convenient location for you. Our experienced technicians travel throughout a large radius around Raleigh, Charlotte and Knoxville. In addition to our two winterization packages, we can provide different add on services depending on your boats needs.

Winterize Basic

Outboard: $229

Inboard, I/O,  Sterndrive: $289


What’s Included:


  • Stabilize fuel to prevent corrosion, buildup of varnish and phase separation of fuel
  • Start and run engine to operating temperature
  • Fog intake (if carbureted)
  • Check all systems
  • Drain water from engine cooling system and block
  • Flush engine with antifreeze
  • Grease components as directed
  • Check fluid levels (engine, outdrive, transmission, power steering, etc.)
  • Check lower unit oil for water to prevent freezing
  • Disconnect batteries
  • Complimentary vessel inspection

Winterize PLUS

Price dependent on size and model.

$329 – $589


What’s included:


  • Everything in the Winterize Basic, Plus:¬†
  • Change engine oil
  • Change engine oil filter
  • Change gear lube
  • Change Fuel Filter

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