1. Yamaha Outboard Yamaha's Biggest Outboard Ever! - Soundings Online

Known for their reliability, Yamaha Outboard Motors are the ideal choice for any adventurous boater looking for consistent performance and superior power. With advanced designs, these outboard motors deliver an incredible combination of power, torque, refined performance and fuel efficiency. Built with innovative technology, Yamaha outboard motors are designed to maximize power, reliability and fuel efficiency when youre out on the water. Models in both twostroke and fourstroke configurations offer superior torque and smooth acceleration that are sure to make your boating experience even more enjoyable.

On top of that, Yamahas unique complementary systems ensure maximum control and responsiveness, giving you complete confidence when the waves get rough. Backed by a 3year limited warranty and unbeatable quality, Yamaha Outboard Motors provide dependable and powerful performance for your next nautical adventure.

2. Mercury Outboards Mercury Is Building a 600-Horsepower V-12 Outboard Motor

With a variety of different options, Mercury Outboard Motors are the best choice for any type of boating experience, offering high-performance engines and innovative designs to make your next journey a memorable one. From leisurely days on the lake to getting through rough waters, these advanced outboard motors provide superior power, performance, and durability. Boasting modern designs in both two-stroke and four-stroke models, along with various power ratings, Mercury Outboard Motors provide peace of mind and plenty of get up and go for a safe and comfortable ride. Thanks to exclusive features such as optimized fuel economy, improved throttle response and integrated Digital Throttle & Shift functionality, you can enjoy smooth, effortless acceleration and precise control. Durable construction, backed by a 3 year limited non-declining warranty, ensures that Mercury Outboard Motors deliver reliable power and performance every time you hit the water.

3. Suzuki Outboards A new 300 hp outboard engine in the Suzuki range

While not quite as reliable, Suzuki Outboard Motors offer a great range of performance and power for recreational and commercial boaters alike. Combining innovative engineering with proven design technology, these outboard motors provide superior torque, smooth acceleration and steady performance, with reliable fuel economy across a range of four-stroke models. Thanks to advanced systems and innovative features, the driving experience with a Suzuki Outboard is second to none, allowing for greater control and precision on the water. Each motor is backed by a 3-year limited warranty and designed for maximum durability, making Suzuki Outboard Motors the perfect choice for a reliable, powerful and enjoyable journey.

4. Evinrude + Johnson Outboards Evinrude E-tec G2 Engines 300 HP | BRP Viet Nam

Evinrude Outboard Motors make the perfect addition to any boating excursion. With models available in two stroke configurations, these reliable outboard motors provide a range of power and torque to get you to your destination with ease. Evinrude’s advanced designs optimize performance, maximizing fuel economy and performance so you can enjoy a smooth and efficient ride. Thanks to features such as the E-TEC Direct Injection Technology, Evinrude engines provide improved throttle response and optimal fuel burn for a smooth, reliable ride, while their advanced cooling systems reduce the risk of overheating, ensuring peak performance and total control. Backed by a 3-year limited warranty, Evinrude Outboard Motors are the perfect choice for all types of boating adventure.

5. Honda, Tohatsu, Force, and Mariner Outboard Motors Honda Marine | 4-Stroke Outboard Motors, Parts, Accessories, Financing |  Official Site

Coming in 5th is a four way tie between the Honda, Tohatsu, Force, and Mariner brands. Why are these ranked so low? Simple – many technicians refuse to work on these due to limited parts availability, lack of training and limited experience. Sure – these can be a good deal – but unless you plan on repairing yourself we suggest you look elsewhere.